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  • Healing Wonders of Herbs


    Healing Wonders of Herbs is guide to the effective use of medicinal plants

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    Amazing Healing Plants


    This book is a product of three decades of relentless research in the best interest of humanity’s wellness, using medicinal plants for the healing of the human body. It also gives vital information about the use of plants, healing of ailments, and prevention of diseases. Medicinal use and application dosage are presented clearly. Medicinal plants come in four-color pictures for easy identification.

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    Cooking Smart


    Cooking Smart shares with you recipes that will not only satisfy your eyes and palate but will help you meet your daily recommended dietary allowance (RDA). With little modification and substitution, you can come up with new recipes your family will really enjoy.

    • Supplies nutritional information on locally available fruits, vegetables, and meatless foods
    • Shares tips on how to prepare simple but nutritious vegetarian dishes
    • Provides graphs on nutritional contents of single food items
    •  Plus tips on simple garnishing!
  • Healing Wonders of Charcoal


    Discover the black magic of activated charcoal and why it is used in filters and medicines. It contains easy-to-follow procedure and step-by-step application of charcoal therapy. It includes real cases of patients whose lives and physical conditions have been made whole through the Healing Wonders of Charcoal.

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    Health and Peace (Ministry of Healing)


    Health and Peace was originally titled Ministry of Healing by Ellen G. White. Written in simple, beautiful language, Ministry of Healing will point you to a life full of joy and gladness—a life in touch with the Source of healing power.

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    Healthy Foods Healthy Lives


    Are you eating your way to health or death? Examine your diet. Open your eyes to more vibrant options. A rainbow collection of photos and details about the healthiest foods on the planet plus their unique benefits.

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    Healthy Juices


    This book is your daily, personal DIY (Do-It- Yourself, Drink-It-Yourself ) resource material for natural and nutritious juices that your family will enjoy. Nothing in the fruits and vegetables is wasted—from gulp to pulp.

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    The Natural Remedies Encyclopedia, 4th Edition

    An incredibly helpful book combining natural healing science and faith healing that people will want to keep near them. In this Fourth Edition, the nutrition and disease chapters have been greatly enlarged; and a large herb chapter has been added. The book has been enlarged to 840 pages: covers over 730 diseases and disorders! (Most books of this type only touch on 80 to 125.) complete page cross-referencing throughout the book, so the reader can instantly turn to related information; six “Find It Fast” pages and they are in multi-colors; a beautiful, full-color painting on the covers; two colors on nearly every page in the book; a full-size “Women’s Section”, containing seven chapters; In coming months and years, In the home of each purchaser, the Encyclopedia will be recognized as a valued friend in time of need.