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  • CLS

    Christian Lovers DVD


    A Christian Lovers series by Kevin Pingol

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    Health and Peace (Ministry of Healing)


    Health and Peace was originally titled Ministry of Healing by Ellen G. White. Written in simple, beautiful language, Ministry of Healing will point you to a life full of joy and gladness—a life in touch with the Source of healing power.

  • I Love You


    Relationship problems? Here’s a practical book which provides answers. I Love You provides answers for many relationship problems. It also reflects on complex and difficult questions today that may not have a simple answer.

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    The Compleat Courtship


    The Compleat Courtship candidly addresses the major issues confronting young lovers; when to begin dating, how to ask for or accept a date, how far a couple should go in necking  and petting, how to break up, how to survive a break-up, how to judge love, premarital sex, how to know if you are ready for marriage, the purpose of an engagement, where to go and what to do on a honeymoon, the joys and tensions during the first year of marriage, and much more.

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    Highly Effective Marriage


    If you long for marital intimacy, tenderness, and respect, or just need a 100,000-kilometer marital tune-up, this book is filled with powerful secrets on how to keep your spouse madly in love with you. You’ll learn, among other things, six rules for fighting fair, 13 creative ideas for a date with your spouse, who should submit to whom, how to put pizzazz back in the bedroom, and scores of other suggestions to banish boredom, rekindle the flame, and create the marriage of your dreams.

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    Messages to Young People


    How should the Christian youth go about in our liberated world today? In this book you will discover valuable advice on reading, dress, music, social life, and so much more.

  • Child Guidance


    Child Guidance will help you study God’s methods and practice His precepts. You’ll find that no other job can be more rewarding, bring more joy and satisfaction than being a parent.

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    Mensahe sa mga Kabataan


    Paano dapat ang Kristiyano ang mga kabataan ay gumagala sa ating pinalaya mundo ngayon? Sa librong ito ikaw ay makatuklas ng mahalagang payo sa pagbabasa, pananamit, musika,  buhay panlipunan, at marami pang iba.