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Child Guidance will help you study God’s methods and practice His precepts. You’ll find that no other job can be more rewarding, bring more joy and satisfaction than being a parent.

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No other job on earth is more complicated, more demanding, or more time-consuming that that of rearing children. Yet many parents take on this high calling with less formal training than they received while learning the ABCs. And it shows. Look around—the hurt, pain, and frustration in homes today is at an all-time high.

Training children is not simply a matter of doing the right things; it is being the right kind of person. It’s not about technique; it’s about who and what we are.

Thankfully we have a heavenly Father who has provided us with the basic training we need. The Bible does not simply offer theories, it gives us truth—solid, dependable, workable principles for accomplishing the incredible task of rearing godly children.

The objective is child rearing is to shape the child’s character, gently yet firmly, as a potter would a clay vase. And that requires a special kind of wisdom which only God can provide.

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Author: Ellen G. White Format: Hard Bound
Publisher: Philippine Publishing House Pages: 219
ISBN: 978-971-581-209-2

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