Last Day Events


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How to watch and pray and not fall to deadly spiritual sleep. The future has arrived. Soon prophecy will have nothing left to fulfill.


End-time events have always caught the interest and imagination of people in the world. Like the Pharisees and Sadducees in Jesus’ day, many today can expertly interpret the appearance of the sky, but cannot “discern the signs of the times.” To avoid this common pitfall, it is expedient for the child of God to study events in the light of prophecy. Only on that basis can you be safeguarded from the delusions of the latter days.

This book will help you to be discerning about the times of the end. How to keep faith in earth’s darkest hour.

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Author: Ellen G. White Format: Hard Bound
Publisher: Philippine Publishing House Pages: 351
ISBN: 978-971-581-272-6

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Dimensions 19.8 × 14.2 × 2 cm


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